Who are we

Ayachi cannery is specialized in the manufacture of canned fruits and vegetables.

Our factory is located in Siliana, in order to be the closest to farmers and producers. This awareness, also encompassing the protection of the environment, puts us in the forefront of the economic development of the region and represents a real value of the group since its birth in 1946.

Perfect control of the process of transformation allows us to ensure a high quality and flavor intact !

Our history

Ayachi Conservancy joins the Ayachi Group, a group of family businesses. It all started in 1946, when Ayachi Zammel (1928-2005) was hired when he was 17, as a worker in a distillation company where he learned the profession of distillation of aromatic plants. Over the years, he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship, and launched the first family company AYACHI & Company to start his own distillation activity.

In the 1960s, place to the creation of the first oil mill in the region, which comes in addition to the distillation activity. Several awards and certification mark the history of the group, proving each time, recognized expertise.

For decades, the group has been known for its growth and development in the service of the region. The environment is also at the heart of concerns, and various measures are taken to limit the impact of our productions.

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